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Whanake Mai Te Mauri Ora: Think Piece – An Expanded Wellbeing Framework and Urban Science Data Tool for Integrated Wellbeing Governance

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This paper asks how an indigenous-Māori cultural perspective might expand wellbeing discourse with positive effect for wellbeing-led governance.

It attends to mauri ora as an indigenous wellbeing construct. For Māori, ora is life, health, and wellbeing, while mauri is that interpenetrating life force which is “immanent in all things, knitting and bonding them together” as a life-field. Mauriorangatanga (practices for wellbeing) and whakapapatanga (the practice of more-than human ecological connection) describe relational thinking and practices that accord well with current ecological and wellbeing science emphasising the connectivity of life. This is a vital way to think of life – as connection – in the Anthropocene.

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