In the heartbeat of our initiative lies a compelling metaphor: Tāne Whakapiripiri, embodying ‘the trees of Tāne bound together.’

This metaphor centers around the wharenui (meeting house), positioning it as the ultimate gatherer and connector of people.

It serves as a symbolic signal that our research journey is set to unite researchers in achieving the collective vision of fostering good homes, places, and communities where people can seamlessly live and work together. This alignment reflects the National Science Challenge principle of purposive collaboration.

The Tāne Whakapiripiri framework stands tall, acknowledging and cherishing the distinctive perspectives of both western science and mātauranga Māori. It creates a space where these diverse world views not only coexist but also inform and enrich each other, leading to outcomes that transcend boundaries. While fostering collaboration and partnership, the framework remains mindful of the need to recognize the unique distinctions between these world views.

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Visual cohesion

The Poutama design serves as our visual anchor, intricately woven into the fabric of BBHTC’s branding. It symbolises our collective ascent towards nurturing better homes and communities, creating a visual harmony across various elements.

Narrative focus

Seamlessly integrated into our narrative, the Poutama design becomes a storyteller, illustrating the interconnectedness of mātauranga and information. It crafts a visual narrative of collaboration, progression, and a shared vision of building sustainable, inclusive communities.

Cultural significance

As a cultural symbol, the Poutama design reinforces our commitment to inclusivity. It visually represents strength derived from the convergence of diverse knowledge systems, fostering a sense of unity within our collaborative endeavors.