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Caring labour: redistributing care work

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Feminist scholars have challenged traditional male-dominated views of the economy and politics that neglect the essential labour of care, pivotal for sustaining all life – human and non-human.

Care is described as the foundation for all work and involves maintaining and repairing our world. While everyone provides and requires care at various life stages, the burden of this essential yet often undervalued task is deeply gendered. Moreover, care extends beyond just human interactions, encompassing non-human contributions. Not all care work is financially compensated, with much of it undertaken out of complex motivations. It’s important to recognise that even though some care responsibilities might be reduced for certain groups, such as white women, it often transfers to others, like women of colour or immigrants. To address the uneven distribution of care work, there’s a need to understand its motivations and potential rewards, before redistributing it fairly across gender, class, race, and species.

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