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Towards a Kaupapa Māori Ako Knowledge Transfer System

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Researchers increasingly focus on improving the impact and application of their findings to benefit various stakeholders, as informed by both national and international literature.

A critical approach is embedding Knowledge Transfer practices within research. In the context of New Zealand, Rangahau Māori practices inherently encompass knowledge transfer concepts. Modern technological systems like the Digital Māori Forum and the Ka Hao initiative further bolster these practices. The Kaupapa Māori Knowledge Transfer System proposed aims to foster co-created research cultures, supporting both the research process and the dissemination of results. Through the Vision Mātauranga aspect of the BBHTC National Science Challenge (Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua), there’s an opportunity to develop a knowledge transfer system to support aspirations for sustainable, healthy Māori communities. This paper, commissioned by Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua, outlines a Kaupapa Māori knowledge transfer system, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to address Māori housing challenges, considering cultural, economic, and social facets. This approach combines Kaupapa Māori methods and Environmental Communication Studies to provide an interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer System, aiming to improve research connections, encourage collaborative research, and offer varied research messages to promote better housing and communities.

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