Housing Rangatahi

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This podcast focuses on an exciting new research project that has been undertaken by Jacqueline Paul, Maia Ratana, and James Burghan on rangatahi housing experiences.

Māori make up a relatively young and fast-growing share of the working-age population in Aotearoa/New Zealand. According to 2013 census data, the median age of the Māori population was 23.4 years, compared with 38.0 years for New Zealanders in general. There were 127,600 Māori aged 15-24 years in the 2013 census. Māori aged 15-24 made up 19 per cent of the Māori population. The decisions made today about our Māori housing futures will have particular impact on the generations to come. Yet how are rangatahi Māori adding their voices to current housing debates? We talk to the three researchers about their mahi, which focused around three wānanga in Kaikohe, Auckland, and Dunedin. Their findings focus on both the experiences and aspirations of rangatahi Māori with respect to housing alongside reflections on appropriate methods for undertaking research with rangatahi