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Together or apart: A note on urban Maori residential preferences.

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The Journal of the Polynesian Society, 70(2), 194-199

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Ritchie explores the residential preferences of urban Māori populations.

The article provides a concise yet insightful exploration of the choices made by Māori individuals in urban areas regarding their living arrangements. Specifically, the article is built on the author’s interviews with 98 Māori mothers in Wellington, seeking to understand whether they prefer living in concentrated Māori groupings or dispersed amongst the broader population. By examining factors influencing decisions on living together or apart, the author sheds light on the socio-cultural dynamics and preferences within the urban Māori community during the early 1960s. The article contributes to a broader understanding of Māori urbanisation and the nuanced considerations that shape residential choices. Ritchie’s key finding is that three quarters of the interviewees favour integration. With Ritchie concluding that “Integration of patterns of living seems all the more desirable since many Māori who have experienced city life strongly desire a way of life which will then give them full residential as well as socio-economic and cultural integration.”

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