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The valuation and rating of Māori land.

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Te Ngutu o Te Ika, ,

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Rikys’ book is a comprehensive examination of the complex relationship between Māori landowners and local government, especially in the realms of land valuation and taxation.

It explores the dynamic interplay between past, present, and future, considering the impact of policy and legislative reforms on Māori communities across New Zealand. The book critically assesses the role of the Treaty of Waitangi in local government, especially in the context of ongoing reforms. By incorporating insights from various stakeholders, Rikys brings to light the challenges and consequences of existing policies on the lives of people in these communities. The book’s bi-cultural approach makes it a unique resource, offering valuable perspectives for professionals in local government, law, valuation, engineering, planning, and those in academic fields like law, property, politics, local government, and Māori studies. Its detailed analysis of key legal cases, including Mangatu Incorporation v Valuer-General, Wellington City Council v Woolworths NZ Ltd (No 2), and Lovelock v Waitakere City Council, underscores its relevance for those involved in the valuation and rating of Māori land, as well as those affected by these practices. This work stands as an essential resource for understanding and navigating the intricacies of Māori land valuation and taxation in New Zealand.

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