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The healthy housing programme: Report of the outcomes evaluation (Year one).

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Housing New Zealand Corporation, ,

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This report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the first year of the Healthy Housing Programme (HHP), focusing on its outcomes and impacts in terms of reducing housing-related diseases and improving overall wellbeing among participants.

The methodology adopted is strengths-based, solution-focused, and collabourative, involving a mix of qualitative interviews with service providers and Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) tenants. The report utilises the Success Case Methodology (SCM) to assess the programme’s effectiveness, particularly in terms of collaboration between HNZC and District Health Boards (DHBs), and the wellbeing and social outcomes for tenants. Key findings include a significant improvement in the physical and psychological wellbeing of participants, increased community participation, and a reduction in housing-related illnesses. The report highlights the successful collaboration at various levels, the sustainability of the programme’s impacts, and obstacles encountered, such as funding issues and delays in interventions. Tenants reported increased empowerment, reduced illnesses, and improved comfort in their homes. The programme also led to tangible changes in housing conditions, which positively affected tenants’ quality of life. The report concludes that the HHP has been successful in providing flexible responses to tenants’ needs, addressing a range of concerns extending beyond mere housing conditions. It emphasises the programme’s role in enhancing tenants’ control over their residential environment and fostering a sense of agency in their lives. This evaluation is a valuable resource for policymakers, social workers, and researchers interested in the interplay between housing conditions and wellbeing, particularly in the context of low-income households.

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