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The Department of Maori Affairs Housing Programme, 1935-1967.

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(Master’s thesis, Massey University)., ,

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Krivan offers a detailed historical analysis of the Department of Māori Affairs Housing Programme from 1935 to 1967.

The thesis provides a comprehensive examination of the policies and practices of the housing programme during this period. The thesis has two focal points. The first is to examine successive governments’ Māori housing policies in the period 1935 to 1967, and discuss how these were implemented by the Department of Māori Affairs. Second, to assess their effectiveness as a provider of housing for the Māori population. The study stands out for the data it has compiled to perform these this analysis. Pulling together a wide array of historical data, Krivan examines money expended and the numbers of houses built, purchased or improved, and these data are compared with similar figures for other state-funded housing schemes. Ultimately, Krivan concludes that despite the consensus that this programme had seen substantial progress, it fell well short of what it promised, what was delivered for non-Māori in the same time period, and the rosy portraits of the programme since.

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