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Te Wairoa, te kāinga tahi.

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Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities, ,

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This research explores the societal and cultural dimensions of housing within the Māori community of Wairoa, focusing on the concept of ahi kaa—keeping the home fires burning.

Over four weeks, the researcher engaged with the local community, including marae, local organisations, whānau, and kaumātua, to gather insights on housing needs and perspectives. The research highlights the significance of ahi kaa in the context of Māori identity and belonging, underscoring the diverse experiences and viewpoints within the community regarding those who remain in their ancestral homeland, those who return, and those who choose not to participate in traditional communal life. The study is situated within the larger framework of the Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua strategic research area, part of the Building Homes, Towns and Cities National Science Challenge, which aims to co-create Kaupapa Māori research addressing housing shortages, affordability, and urban development in collaboration with Māori communities. Munro’s research in Te Wairoa offers a nuanced understanding of the local housing landscape, informed by mātauranga Māori and community aspirations. By articulating the community’s concerns and aspirations regarding housing, the study proposes a community-up housing research project that seeks to address the gaps identified by iwi and hapū.

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