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Te hurihanga o te ao Maori: Te ahua o te iwi Maori kua whakatatautia.

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Department of Maori Affairs, ,

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Butterworth and Mako provide an in-depth analysis of the socio-cultural transformation of the Māori people in New Zealand.

“Te hurihanga o te ao Māori: Te ahua o te iwi Māori kua whakatatautia,” which translates to “The transformation of the Māori world: The state of the Māori people today,” offers a comprehensive overview of the Māori community’s shift in response to the rapidly changing social and political landscape of the late 20th century. The authors explore a range of topics, including the effects of urbanisation, educational changes, economic shifts, and the impact of government policies on the Māori population. The work provides statistical data and personal narratives, offering both quantitative and qualitative insights into the lives of the Māori people.

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