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Street health: Practitioner service provision for Māori homeless people in Auckland.

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Psychosocial Dimensions of Medicine, 220, 1-12

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This comprehensive study delves into the healthcare challenges faced by the homeless population in New Zealand, particularly focusing on the over-representation of Māori due to ongoing colonisation and socio-economic exclusion.

The research highlights the increased likelihood of this group to suffer from a wide range of illnesses, including both physical and mental health issues, and the difficulties they encounter in accessing quality healthcare services. The authors emphasise the need for healthcare services to adapt to the unique worldviews and circumstances of Māori homeless individuals. The research provides an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in providing healthcare to homeless Māori. It underscores the impact of colonisation and socio-economic challenges that contribute to their over-representation in the homeless community. By presenting a case study from the Auckland City Mission, the study offers practical insights into how healthcare services can be more effectively tailored to meet the needs of this vulnerable group. The authors advocate for a judgement-free service space and the importance of integrating healthcare with social services to address the multifaceted needs of Māori homeless people. This study is significant as it not only sheds light on the healthcare disparities experienced by the homeless Māori but also proposes culturally sensitive approaches to improve their health outcomes.

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