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Some aspects of Maori Housing.

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Ekistics, 8(50), 395-399

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Rosenberg provides insights into the architectural and cultural dimensions of Māori dwellings in an article that Awatere et al. (2008) later refer to as 'seminal'.

The author employs an interdisciplinary approach, combining elements of architecture, anthropology, and cultural studies to explore the unique characteristics of Māori housing. Rosenberg not only describes the physical features of Māori dwellings but also delves into the cultural and social significance embedded in their design and construction. The author also notes that Māori can only meet about half the costs of annual maintenance for their houses, explaining that while the article has no detailed discussion of income and subsidies these do exist. There are even plans of several ‘extendable’ Māori house designs provided. The article contributes to a deeper understanding of the intersection between traditional Māori lifestyles and architectural choices. Rosenberg’s work stands as an important contribution to the literature on Māori culture and provides a foundation for further studies on indigenous architecture and housing practices. One relatively prescient insight provided by the article is that more than for others, for Māori “houses alone are not enough. In many cases, their lives centre traditionally on communal buildings. Housing becomes only a part of community planning.”

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