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Patterns of Maori migration in New Zealand

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In Kosiński, L., & Prothero, R.M. (Eds.), People on the move. Routledge., , 309-324

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This chapter provides an analysis of the demographic changes and urban migration patterns of the Māori population, focusing on the period since 1951.

Utilising census and electoral roll data, the chapter offers a comprehensive overview of the significant increase in the Māori population and its redistribution towards urban centres. This urban migration is attributed to the demographic rejuvenation that began in 1896 and saw a remarkable increase post-1926, further accelerated by economic shifts post the 1930s depression. The chapter delineates the migration trends, highlighting a clear pattern of movement from rural areas in the northern, central, and eastern parts of the North Island to major urban centres. This urban concentration of the Māori population underscores a significant shift in the socio-economic and cultural landscape of New Zealand, reflecting broader trends of urbanisation and its impacts on indigenous communities.

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