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Papakāinga housing discussion paper: Findings and recommendations of the Papakāinga Housing Research Group.

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Papakainga Housing Research Group, ,

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This paper provides an exploration into the concept of papakāinga (traditional Māori community housing) in the context of contemporary housing needs and policies for Māori communities in New Zealand.

This discussion paper is a result of extensive research and analysis conducted by the group, aiming to address the unique housing challenges faced by the Māori population and to propose viable solutions. Key in this report is the examination of the traditional and cultural significance of Papakāinga housing, and how these values can be integrated into modern housing solutions. The paper discusses the potential of Papakāinga as a means to not only provide housing but also to reinforce community bonds, cultural identity, and social cohesion among Māori people. The group’s findings highlight various barriers to implementing Papakāinga housing, such as legal, financial, and policy constraints, and offer insightful recommendations to overcome these challenges. The recommendations put forth in this paper are aimed at policymakers, community leaders, and housing developers, advocating for more culturally sensitive and inclusive approaches to housing that align with Māori values and needs. The paper emphasises the importance of collaborative efforts between government agencies, Māori communities, and other stakeholders to achieve sustainable and culturally appropriate housing solutions.

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