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Papakainga development costs: An assessment of the planning and development costs associated with building affordable housing on Maori land.

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Boffa Miskell, ,

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This report provides an assessment of the costs involved in developing affordable housing on Māori land, specifically focusing on Papakainga developments.

It includes case studies profiling four Papakāinga developments at Ōrākei, Māngere, Tauranga Moana and Whāngaruru (Northland). The four case studies were chosen for their diverse locations drawn from urban, periurban, rural and remote coastal settings. The report analyses various factors influencing the planning and development costs, providing critical insights into the financial aspects of building on Māori land. It addresses key cost drivers, including land preparation, infrastructure development, and compliance with regulatory frameworks. The study offers an in-depth examination of the financial challenges that Māori communities face in pursuing housing projects on their ancestral lands. It also explores potential solutions and strategies to mitigate these challenges. Part of this is a set of recommendations to Auckland Council: initiate direct engagement with all 18 manawhenua groups; transition Auckland Council to actively facilitate Papakāinga developments; broaden Papakāinga development scope to include various types of land and locations; include communal buildings in Papakāinga as key elements; implementing Outline Development Plans for Papakāinga; adopt a flexible approach to housing densities in Papakāinga; explore the possibility of waiving development levies; and provide or fund specialist advisory services for Papakāinga projects. The insights offered by this study contribute significantly to understanding the financial intricacies of Papakainga developments and aid in identifying pathways for more cost-effective and sustainable housing solutions for Māori.

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