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Nga Whare, Me Nga Mahi i roto o Ngatihine.

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Whangarei: Department of Māori Affairs, ,

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This report presents an in-depth exploration of the housing within the Ngatihine community.

This work serves as an important documentation and celebration of the cultural and social practices of the Ngatihine. The content encompasses a wide array of topics, including traditional and contemporary housing structures, community activities, and the unique cultural practices of Ngatihine. One of the significant aspects of this publication is its focus on the integration of traditional Māori architectural styles with modern housing needs, offering a glimpse into how the Ngatihine have adapted their traditional knowledge and practices to contemporary contexts. The book also delves into various community activities, showcasing how these social practices play a vital role in preserving and perpetuating Māori culture and heritage within the tribe.

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