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Ngā Uri o Te Aurere Pou Whānau Trust papakāinga, Mangakāhia

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In Cram, F., Hutchings, J., & Smith, J. (Eds.), Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua: Māori housing realities and aspirations. Bridget Williams Books., , 137-150

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In this chapter, Kake takes readers on a journey to a papakāinga construction site in the Mangakāhia Valley, where ten new earth homes are being built to address substandard housing conditions for Māori whānau and support their wellbeing.

Kake contextualises papakāinga as a contemporary manifestation of a traditional concept, highlighting the challenges posed by the limited land available to Māori due to historical dispossession and the multifaceted legacy of colonisation. Through the story of the Mangapōhatu Block partitioning and the efforts of the local community to navigate economic pressures, legislative hurdles, and political barriers, Kake provides a detailed account of the complexities involved in realising a papakāinga project. The narrative focuses on the collaboration and learning among Māori communities, emphasising the significance of kotahitanga (unity), whanaungatanga (kinship), and mahitahi (collabouration) in overcoming obstacles to develop these vital housing initiatives. Kake’s chapter is not only a case study of a specific papakāinga development but also a guide and inspiration for other Māori communities embarking on similar journeys to reclaim their connection to the whenua (land) and foster communal wellbeing.

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