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More than a roof?: A critical review of post-prison housing provision in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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New Zealand Sociology, 36(1), 1-24

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This comprehensive report investigates the critical link between stable post-release housing and recidivism rates among former prisoners in Aotearoa New Zealand.

With a sample of 201 individuals from six prisons, the study employs quantitative interviews conducted before release and at six and twelve months post-release to collect data on housing stability, support received, and factors predictive of stable housing, such as mental health, employment, and family support. The findings reveal a substantial challenge in securing stable housing post-release, with a significant proportion of participants living in unstable conditions and experiencing high residential mobility, which disproportionately affects Māori and women. The analysis suggests that stable housing is associated with lower recidivism rates, highlighting the importance of housing as a cornerstone of successful reintegration. Recommendations include comprehensive housing assessments upon prison entry, support for maintaining pre-prison housing, expansion of long-term and culturally appropriate housing solutions, and enhanced post-release support to facilitate access to stable housing, employment, and social benefits. This study underscores the necessity of integrated, whānau-centred approaches to housing and reintegration support for individuals leaving prison, particularly to address the unique needs of Māori, thereby contributing to broader societal well-being and reducing the cycle of recidivism.

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