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Māori housing trends 2010.

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Housing New Zealand Corporation, ,

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This report for the Housing New Zealand Corporation serves as an evidence base to inform the development of Māori housing policy.

This comprehensive document offers an overview of Māori population dynamics, examines current housing trends and outcomes for Māori, and discusses the implications of likely population change for future Māori housing needs. Key points highlighted in the report include the changing demographics of the Māori population, characterised by a youthful age structure and a high mobility rate. Educational improvements among Māori are noted, along with challenges in employment and income levels. The report addresses the issue of overcrowding in Māori households and the growing concern of housing affordability for Māori families. It also discusses the representation of Māori in Housing New Zealand Corporation housing and the increasing demand for accommodation supplements among Māori. The report identifies a decline in home ownership rates among Māori and an increase in rented housing, presenting a nuanced picture of the current state of Māori housing and the challenges ahead.

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