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Maori housing programme in New Zealand: Its history, services currently offered and issues of major concern.

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Doctoral dissertation, Victoria University of Wellington, ,

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Moteane presents a comprehensive study of the history and evolution of Māori housing programs in New Zealand, alongside an analysis of the contemporary services and key issues in this sector.

This doctoral dissertation contributes significantly to the understanding of Māori housing, particularly in the context of government policies and community initiatives. Moteane delves into the historical background of Māori housing programs, tracing their development from early initiatives to contemporary efforts. This historical overview provides a foundation for understanding the present-day challenges and services related to Māori housing. The dissertation thoroughly examines the range of services currently offered, including government and community-led initiatives, and evaluates their effectiveness in meeting the housing needs of the Māori population. A pivotal aspect of Moteane’s research is the identification and analysis of the major issues concerning Māori housing. These include considerations of cultural appropriateness, accessibility, affordability, and the impact of housing policies on Māori social and economic well-being.

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