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Maori housing needs in Taitokerau: Hui whiriwhiri Kaupapa (planning) waima.

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Department of Māori Affairs, ,

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This report offers a focused exploration of the housing needs and concerns within the Māori communities in the Taitokerau region.

This document is the culmination of a planning hui (meeting or gathering) held in Waima, serving as a platform for discussing and addressing the specific housing challenges faced by these communities. The report provides valuable insights into the housing situation of the Māori population in Taitokerau, including aspects related to availability, affordability, and the suitability of housing in meeting the cultural and social needs of the Māori people. The hui whiriwhiri Kaupapa reflects a participatory approach, engaging community members in dialogue and decision-making processes, which is a critical aspect of Māori culture and community planning. One of the key elements of the report is its emphasis on community-led solutions and the incorporation of traditional Māori perspectives in addressing housing issues. It discusses various strategies and proposals put forth during the hui, highlighting the community’s active involvement in seeking practical and culturally relevant solutions.

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