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Māori housing experiences: Emerging trends and issues.

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Centre for Housing Research; Te Puni Kōkiri, ,

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This report by Waldegrave, King, Walker, and Fitzgerald provides an exploration of the housing experiences of Māori in New Zealand, integrating a literature review, census data analysis, a longitudinal household study, and qualitative fieldwork.

The comprehensive study aims to identify and address the key trends and issues impacting Māori housing, making it a valuable resource for understanding the challenges and needs of this community in the housing sector. The report’s findings are extensive and include insights into Māori conceptions of housing status, the impact of authorities’ policies, and various socio-economic factors such as ethnicity, education, employment, income, family composition, and household tenure. Importantly, the report delves into Māori aspirations and barriers related to housing, shedding light on the community’s unique experiences and preferences. A significant contribution of this study is its policy recommendations aimed at enhancing Māori home ownership. These recommendations include the creation of realistic savings incentives, affordable loan options, and the provision of ‘Māori friendly’ information about home ownership. The report also suggests the development of partnership housing models with Māori Trusts and mandates for developers to include a percentage of low-cost housing in all developments. Further recommendations address issues of affordability, location, design, renting, supply, practice standards, and the necessity for research on the extent of discrimination in housing. By combining various research methods and perspectives, this report offers a multifaceted view of Māori housing experiences.

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