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Mangatawa Papakāinga: Te Waiū o te Tohorā – Nourishing the people

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In Cram, F., Hutchings, J., & Smith, J. (Eds.), Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua: Māori housing realities and aspirations. Bridget Williams Books., , 177-191

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This chapter details a project to build a papakāinga at Mangatawa as part of the decades long vision by the shareholders of Mangatawa Papāmoa Blocks Incorporated, who want to see their whānau living in quality, safe housing and drawing sustenance from their connections with each other, the marae, and the whenua they treasure.

As the author notes, the development – which began in the 1980s and has had a second phase in the 2000s – has a number of innovative elements which have been incorporated through the planning and development phases by the kaumatua and whānau residents. This chapter is focused on these innovations. The first of these was to survey the shareholders to find out exactly what they wanted in the development. The results of this survey indicated that they wanted a mixture of kaumatua and whānau homes. The kaumatua were funded in an innovative manner, via a partnership between the Incorporation and Housing New Zealand Corporation, with the latter providing 50 per cent and the former borrowing the other 50 per cent from Housing New Zealand Corporation through a ten year interest free loan. The whānau homes were also funded via a mixed model, with the Social Housing Unit providing 75 per cent of the capital and the Incorporation 25 per cent and the land. The Incorporation also applied for Community Housing Provider status to make the homes more affordable to rent. The chapter also details the innovations developed around managing the papakāinga, where the goal is both ensuring the properties are managed but also that the community is supported.

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