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Life when renting for older Māori.

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AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, 16(1), 64-75

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This research explores the rental experiences of older Māori (aged 55 and above) in the Hawke’s Bay region of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The study, involving interviews with 42 older Māori renters, investigates their motivations for moving, their satisfaction with rental accommodations, and their financial ability to afford rent and other living expenses. The findings reveal that many participants moved to be closer to whānau or out of necessity, often relying on family for decision-making support. Despite challenges with living costs, most participants reported positive relationships with landlords and a desire to remain in their current homes. The study highlights the increasing trend of Māori living in rental accommodation due to the diminishing attainability of home ownership, a situation exacerbated by historical injustices, including breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi. The research emphasises the need for policies to ease living costs for older Māori renters and create pathways to home ownership, underscoring the importance of secure, affordable, and culturally responsive housing for the well-being of older Māori. While this study focuses on a specific demographic within a defined geographic area, the research offers a broader understanding of the preferences, challenges, and aspirations of older Māori renters. The findings underscore the broader societal and historical contexts that contribute to housing insecurity among Māori, including the ongoing effects of colonialism and treaty breaches. This research contributes to the conversation on housing policy in New Zealand by advocating for solutions that address the unique needs of older Māori, highlighting the importance of culturally informed housing policies that support Māori well-being and self-determination.

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