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Ki te Hau Kainga: New Perspectives on Maori Housing Solutions. A Design Guide Prepared for Housing New Zealand Corporation.

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This design guide, prepared by Hoskins, TeNana, Rhodes, Guy, and Sage for the Housing New Zealand Corporation, provides an overview of new perspectives and approaches to Māori housing.

The publication is aimed at addressing the unique housing needs of the Māori community in New Zealand, offering innovative and culturally sensitive housing solutions that are both practical and sustainable. The authors, who bring a diverse range of expertise in architecture, design, and Māori cultural studies, focus on integrating traditional Māori values and contemporary housing requirements. The guide discusses: a range of proposed housing patterns, such as both urban and rural solutions for whānau and papakainga formulations as well as more specific locations; general design principles, such as communal orientation, flexibility, manuhiri zones, indoor/outdoor flow, and tapu considerations; and specific design issues, such as entrances, whānau/living rooms, bedrooms, mezzanines, kitchens and laundries, bathrooms, as well as considerations for different generations living together. The also provide a number of floor plans for different design concepts.

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