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‘Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi’: Rangatahi perceptions of housing

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In Cram, F., Hutchings, J., & Smith, J. (Eds.), Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua: Māori housing realities and aspirations. Bridget Williams Books., , 117-136

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This chapter presents findings on a research project aimed at exploring rangatahi Māori perceptions on housing and papakāinga.

It argues that it is critical that rangatahi Māori are allowed to give their opinion now as they will inherit the impacts of decisions made today. Further, even though the term ‘intergenerational’ is used when discussing papakāinga RANGATAHI Māori are often left out of the conversation. The chapter then presents a number of lessons learnt from research gathered through three wānanga. These lessons are focused on how to best gather RANGATAHI perceptions on housing and papakāinga: invest in rangatahi through manaaki; the physical setting is important, recruiting diverse rangatahi will take time; and, consider how you frame questions. The authors then outline some of the insights they gathered from the wānanga including the issues around housing affordability, their housing aspirations, how housing impacts their identity, and their values and principles. As the authors conclude, while there was a diversity of opinion they tended to coalesce around the themes of quality and equality, with most wanting homes rather than houses.

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