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Housing brokers and ready to rent initiatives

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Ministry of Social Development, ,

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This report evaluates the effectiveness of the Ready to Rent and Housing Broker initiatives, part of Aotearoa/New Zealand's Homelessness Action Plan (2020-2023), aimed at assisting individuals, particularly those in emergency and transitional housing or on the Public Housing Register, in securing private tenancies.

The Ready to Rent programme, expanded with HAP funding, offers courses by community groups to prepare prospective tenants for the private rental market. The Housing Broker service connects clients with landlords and property managers, leveraging brokers’ industry experience. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, including interviews, focus groups, and workshops, the evaluation sought to assess the initiatives’ value, implementation fidelity, and future monitoring mechanisms. Key findings indicate both programs are meeting their objectives by equipping clients with necessary skills and confidence. However, challenges such as regional variations in cultural competency, digital access issues, and a need for tailored youth programs were identified. Recommendations include enhancing cultural competency, improving internal MSD communication, and considering youth-specific interventions.

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