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Housing and hauora for young whānau in Flaxmere.

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In Cram, F., Hutchings, J., & Smith, J. (Eds.), Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua: Māori housing realities and aspirations. Bridget Williams Books., , 93-105

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Apatu's chapter in Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua: Māori housing realities and aspirations provides an exploration into the housing experiences and aspirations of young Māori mothers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Collabourating with ten young mothers affiliated with Te Tipu Whenua o Pā Harakeke Flaxmere and William Colenso College Teen Parent Unit, Apatu documents the significant challenges these women face in securing quality, affordable, and secure housing for their families. Through personal narratives, the chapter highlights the systemic barriers in the rental market, compounded by the difficulties in accessing social assistance and the unsuitability of emergency accommodation for young families. Apatu emphasises the critical role of housing in nurturing family well-being and the importance of supportive policies to ensure young Māori mothers and their children have access to suitable living conditions. The use of whakataukī by Dame Tariana Turia underscores the potential for growth and flourishing with proper support, serving as a call to action for policymakers and social service providers to prioritise the housing needs of young Māori whānau. This chapter offers a perspective on the intersection of housing, health, and social equity within the context of Māori kinship and cultural continuity.

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