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Government White Paper on proposed amendments to the Maori Affairs Act 1953 and Maori Affairs Amendment Act 1967

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A. R. Shearrer, Govt. Printer, ,

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Rata, who had just become the new Minister of Māori Affairs in 1972, set about remedying some of the wrongs he believed present in the Māori land legislation.

This White Paper was the product of this work. It presents a comprehensive overview of proposed amendments to the Māori Affairs Act 1953 and the Māori Affairs Amendment Act 1967. The document provides a thorough examination of the legislative changes under consideration, offering insights into the government’s perspective on Māori affairs during this period. The report comments on draft legislation dealing with the legal status, cultural property and land tenure rights of Māori, it covers the administrative reform of the Department of Māori Affairs, matters related to land ownership, land transfer and land alienation, vocational training and welfare, status of the Māori language, and includes a number of statistical tables. The White Paper expresses concern at “the very large number of transactions by way of sale undertaken since 1967 whereby for all intents and purposes, the lands have gone forever from Māori ownership. With the strong ties between people and their land, the Government recognises the right of kin-groups to remain proprietors of their land, and intends to ensure the retention of as much as possible of the remaining land in Māori ownership and management.”

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