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Government planning and support for housing on Māori land. Progress in responding to the Auditor-General’s recommendations.

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Controller and Auditor-General, ,

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This report evaluates government efforts to support Māori in building housing on multiply-owned Māori land.

It is a follow up to the 2011 report on the same subject. As the report notes, for several reasons, “the response to our recommendations has been slower than many Māori with aspirations to build might have wished. One reason is that our recommendations required action from many parties, at governmental and local levels, who need to work better together.” It identifies challenges in the process, including ineffective targeting of initiatives and cumbersome procedures. The report recommends better coordination among agencies, increased local authority flexibility, and improved financial support programs. Progress since the report includes the development of a Māori Housing Strategy, changes in loan criteria, and enhanced local collabouration. The report aims to improve housing for Māori, increase housing choices, and grow the Māori housing sector.

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