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Government discourse and housing.

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Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., ,

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Dodson presents a critical examination of the role government narratives and policies play in shaping housing markets and living conditions.

This book delves into the intricate relationship between government rhetoric, policy decisions, and their tangible impacts on the housing sector. Dodson methodically analyses how government discourse not only reflects but also actively moulds societal attitudes and approaches towards housing. A significant portion of the book is dedicated to exploring how different government regimes have influenced housing policy over time, revealing the shifting priorities and ideologies that underpin these changes. Dodson highlights the evolution of housing strategies from welfare-based approaches to more market-oriented solutions, scrutinising the effects of these transitions on various demographics, particularly the marginalised and low-income groups. Throughout the book, Dodson emphasises the power of language and narrative in policy-making. The author argues that the way governments discuss and frame housing issues can significantly affect public perception, policy formulation, and implementation. This exploration offers valuable insights into the complexities of policy development and the often-underestimated influence of political discourse in shaping practical outcomes in the housing sector.

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