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… for the sake of decent shelter.

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Housing Corporation of New Zealand, ,

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This 1991 report represents a qualitative study into the housing conditions of Māori women.

The research team conducted an extensive data collection process, including 105 hui with 3000 participants, 215 one-on-one interviews, and 14 written responses from individuals and groups. The fieldwork focused on three primary regions: Gisborne/East Coast, South Auckland, and Christchurch. The objectives of this study were multifaceted, aiming to document the current housing situation for Māori women, their housing needs and aspirations, barriers to adequate housing, experiences with services and government departments, and to recommend policy changes. The findings of the report are critical, revealing that many Māori women live in unsatisfactory housing conditions. Key issues identified include substandard housing, lack of appropriate housing, high costs of adequate accommodation, overcrowding, poor quality of state housing, and discrimination in the private rental sector. The report also highlighted a gap in previous research, noting the lack of practical solutions offered for improving the housing situation of Māori women.

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