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Community housing provision: A snapshot of changing opportunities.

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This report provides an overview of the role of Community Housing Providers (CHPs) in addressing housing affordability issues in Aotearoa New Zealand, with a particular focus on the challenges presented by the current policy environment.

It begins by showcasing a successful example of affordable housing provision, the Waimahia Inlet initiative, highlighting the potential of CHPs to contribute significantly to the housing sector when supported by appropriate policies and funding mechanisms. The historical context of housing policies in New Zealand is meticulously traced, revealing a shift from substantial government investment in social and affordable housing to a period of underinvestment that has exacerbated the current housing crisis. The paper critically examines the changing policy landscape since the 1990s, which has seen a reduction in government support for CHPs, despite their demonstrated capability to provide affordable housing solutions. By incorporating case studies from various CHPs, the report illustrates the sector’s diversity and the common obstacles faced, such as lack of capital funding and restrictive policies, while also showcasing the successes and innovative approaches within the sector. This report provides detailed analysis, combining historical context, policy examination, and real-world examples from CHPs to offer a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities in providing affordable housing in New Zealand. It provides critical insights into the complexities of housing provision and the essential role of government support and collaboration between the government, community organisations, and the private sector in addressing housing affordability effectively. As the authors note in their reflections at the end: “Housing is recognised as a human right, a basic necessity. It has always been delivered through some form of government-private partnership. CHPs are part of this ‘partnership’, along with iwi, individual households, private developers, councils and philanthropic organisations. All, along with Government, have a role to play in addressing the present housing crisis.” The report underscores the importance of re-evaluating current policies to better leverage the capabilities of CHPs in mitigating the housing crisis, suggesting a need for a more integrated and supportive approach to housing policy that recognises the value and potential of the community housing sector.

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