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A new Maori migration: Rural and urban relations in Northern New Zealand.

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Routledge, ,

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Metge provides a comprehensive examination of the shifting migration patterns of Māori between rural and urban areas in Northern New Zealand, delving into the socio-economic, cultural, and historical influences behind these movements.

The importance of the book lies in its presentation of a carefully documented comparative study of two Māori communities, one in a traditional rural area and the other in Auckland. Housing and domestic organisation, marriage patterns, kinship structure, voluntary associations and leadership in both types of community are examined. The analysis is rooted in qualitative research methods, including interviews and community studies, offering insights into the motivations for migration, the experiences of Māori in urban settings, and the consequences for both urban and rural Māori communities. The book highlights the resilience of Māori culture and identity amidst urbanisation and the significance of supportive policies for fostering sustainable development that respects Māori heritage. Metge’s exploration of Māori migration patterns and her emphasis on culturally responsive approaches to policy and development contribute significantly to the discourse on rural-urban relations and the preservation of cultural identity in the face of change.

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