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A comparison of Maori and Pakeha attitudes to land.

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Doctoral dissertation, Lincoln University, ,

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Challenger explores and contrast the differing perspectives and values associated with land held by Māori and Pākehā communities in New Zealand.

This research helps in understanding the cultural, social, and historical factors that influence the respective attitudes of these two distinct groups towards land. Challenger approaches this complex subject by delving into the historical, cultural, and legal contexts that shape Māori and Pakeha relationships with land. The dissertation examines how these relationships are influenced by traditional beliefs, colonial history, and contemporary socio-political dynamics. A significant aspect of this work is its exploration of the deep spiritual and ancestral connections the Māori have with the land, contrasted with the more utilitarian and ownership-focused perspectives commonly found among Pakeha. The research methodology employed in the dissertation includes qualitative analyses, such as interviews and case studies, to gather nuanced perspectives from both Māori and Pakeha communities. Challenger’s work is vital in highlighting the complexities and sensitivities surrounding land issues in New Zealand, particularly in the context of ongoing debates over land rights, conservation, and development.

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