Ep 3 – Tūhonotia Ngā Rourou Kia Toitū Te Taiao – Te Pā Oranga

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Episode 3 - Te Pā Oranga with Zack Makoare

Welcome to Episode 3 of “Tūhonotia ngā rourou kia toitū te taiao,” our riveting series delving into the essence of Te Ao Māori. In this installment, we have the privilege of introducing Zack Makoare and his whānau, as they embark on a journey of establishing their papakāinga – Te Pā Oranga.

Join us as we delve into the heart of papakāinga living and witness firsthand the transformative power of living off the land within a close-knit whānau environment. Through Te Pā Oranga, Zack Makoare and his whānau showcase the multitude of benefits that come with embracing traditional practices and sustainable living.

This episode delves deep into the symbiotic relationship between whānau, whenua, and the flourishing of Māori culture. Witness how the connection to the land nurtures not only the environment but also the well-being of whānau members, fostering resilience and prosperity.

Zack Makoare’s dedication to preserving ancestral knowledge while embracing modern sustainability practices is truly inspiring. Subscribe now to join us on this captivating journey through Māori culture, as we unearth stories that resonate with responsibility and connection to the whenua.

Tūhonotia ngā rourou kia toitū te taiao – Revitalising Sustainable Knowledge for the Well-being of Our Environment and Whānau

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