Waitaki short and long-term rental accommodation

Malcolm Campbell; Nick Taylor; Mike Mackay

Abstract – Tuhinga Whakarāpopoto

This research collects and curates data about Airbnb within the Waitaki District. These data relate to housing, rents, social housing waiting lists, and accommodation sharing. Where relevant, comparative data are provided for Timaru and Ashburton Districts. Airbnb listings appear high for the size of the population and they potentially remove up to 200 houses or apartments from the rental housing supply and the number of listings of places to rent. The main effect is likely to be on rental prices. While these have stayed relatively stable since 2017, the level of affordability (rental prices in relation to household income) is a concern. The effect of Airbnb on the supply of social and public housing is probably small as the level of demand for social housing appears low.

Other reports associated with this research

Taylor, N., Mackay, M. & Russell, K. (2020). Searching for community wellbeing: population, work and housing in the town of Oamaru. Working paper 20-08a for Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities Thriving Regions, 36pgs. Christchurch: AgResearch/BBHTC.

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Articles associated with this research – Karere Tūhono

News: The price of Airbnb – The impact on long-term rental availability in Waitaki

8 September 2020: Airbnb short-term rental accommodations have been sprouting like weeds in response to regional initiatives attracting people to New Zealand’s Deep South. This includes both in and around the town of Oamaru and in the small towns and villages up the Waitaki Valley that benefit from the flow of visitors by road and bicycle from the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail. >> Read More

News: Searching for community wellbeing in Oamaru

5 October 2020: Regions around New Zealand are striving to create positive futures. To do so, the issues that need to be considered are wide and varying and include the future of work in rural areas and provincial towns, the supply of workers, demographic changes, and the supply of suitable housing and social services. >> Read More

Case study: Supporting regional settlements

15 August 2017: A national conversation is in progress about the strength and integrity of regional settlements in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is influenced by characterisations of small settlements as zombie towns and is framed by questions about how to reboot struggling regions. Driving the conversation is a set of mainly economic and demographic issues linked to quantitative evidence of declining and ageing populations and challenging economic circumstances. >> Read More

Keywords – Kupu Hāngai

Housing, population, Oamaru, Waitaki, economic recovery, rental accommodation, short-term rentals, Airbnb, long-term rentals

Fields of Research – Āpure Rangahau

Geography; Population Demographics; Regional Development; Regional Planning


Date – Te Wā Whakarewa



Type – Te Auaha


Citation – Kupu Hautoa

Campbell, M., Taylor, N. & Mackay, M. (2020). Waitaki short and long-term rental accommodation. Working paper 20-08b for Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities Thriving Regions, 14pgs. Christchurch: AgResearch/BBHTC.