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Room for Rangatahi: Housing Security and Rangatahi Māori

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Room for Rangatahi: Housing Security and Rangatahi Māori

Right now, rangatahi Māori experience some of the worst housing conditions in Aotearoa, and successive Governments have failed to provide policy frameworks that adequately protect the rights of rangatahi and their ability to feel secure in their housing, regardless of tenure type.

While the Government has focused predominantly on home ownership schemes as a means to address housing security for young people, many rangatahi are unable to attain home ownership because of the exorbitant cost of housing in Aotearoa, decades of intergenerational inequity and ongoing racial discrimination.

These factors have left many rangatahi in rentals or social housing long-term, housing options that, in Aotearoa, provide inadequate security of tenure. This research draws on literature and statistical data to provide insights into how Aotearoa’s housing conditions are impacting housing security for rangatahi.

Instead of a narrow focus on home ownership, I argue that a broader approach to housing from local and central Government is required. I outline the impacts that the cost of housing, control over decision-making and connection to people and place can have on rangatahi and their ability to live fulfilled and prosperous lives, here in Aotearoa.

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