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Remaking Community: Building Principles of Communal Tenure Into Contemporary Housing Developments

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Models of land administration often promote a more individualised, Western-style of tenure.

The dangers are that Māori values might become diluted or even lost in this transition as social responsibilities become divorced from land rights. Recognising this, planners of some Māori land development projects have sought to reintroduce key communal or socially-based tenure principles to the planning equation. By understanding how these complex principles operate and interrelate, and by assessing their success, the two case studies examined in this paper point to the possibility of creating a measure of social capital potential. This could be used to leverage funding decisions through a system capable of demonstrating marked differences where particular principles are supported, incorporated and invested. It could conceivably produce a distinctive planning model based on social sustainability to inform decision making processes in urban environments and land development projects.

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