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Dialogues for Wellbeing in an Ecological Emergency: Wellbeing-led Governance Frameworks and Transformative Indigenous Tools

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At a time of ecological emergency there are pressing reasons to develop more responsive wellbeing-led governance frameworks that engage with both human and more-than-human wellbeing.

Attempts to incorporate wellbeing indices into wellbeing-led governance include the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the Gross National Happiness index of Bhutan, and a variety of emerging wellbeing-led governance frameworks in the OECD. Some of these frameworks have begun to include more-than-human wellbeing indices in their toolkit, but like many geographers and Indigenous scholars, the authors of this paper are wary of the dangers of universalising and abstractionist ‘indexology’. In this paper, the researchers review wellbeing-led governance frameworks with a view to more-than-human wellbeing and Indigenous knowledges.

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