Building Better sunshine value research cited internationally

Photo: Jack Redgate, Pexels.

Building Better research on Valuing Sunshine has recently been cited by researchers in the United States in the Building and Environment journal.

The paper, The value of daylight in office spaces, cites the BBHTC paper by David Fleming, Arthur Grimes, Laurent Lebreton, David Maré, and Peter Nunns, which evaluated the real estate value of direct sunlight exposure for residential properties in New Zealand. In text, the US researchers write the New Zealand research was the most similar to their own examining the impact of daylight performance on rent prices in the commercial office market in Manhattan, including the value of daylight distribution on specific floors of a building.

One of the authors of the Valuing Sunshine research, Professor Arthur Grimes, a Senior Fellow at Motu Research, said it’s great to see science challenge-funded papers reaching so far afield and being cited in top scientific journals.

Read the original report by the BBHTC research group:

Fleming, D., Grimes, A., Lebreton, L., Maré, D. & Nunns, P. (2017). Valuing sunshine. Motu Working Paper (17-13), June 2017. Wellington: Motu Economic and Public Policy Research.

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Date posted: 9 April 2020