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Whenua: Managing our resources.

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This book, edited by Kawharu, is a pivotal text in the field of Māori resource management, offering a comprehensive examination of contemporary issues from diverse perspectives.

This collection of essays provides a rich comparative analysis, drawing on the experiences and insights of a wide range of contributors, including Māori community leaders, academics, grassroots-level resource managers, and Pākehā professionals such as planners, farmers, lawyers, and corporate representatives. The book delves into environmental resources, fisheries and land management, and the complex interrelationships among different groups in New Zealand. Contributors explore how traditional Māori principles of resource management are being applied in modern contexts. These applications range from weaving traditions and conservation prohibitions over fishing areas to strategic planning and seeking legislative protection for significant sites. A key focus of the book is to broaden the understanding of non-Māori individuals and groups regarding Māori concerns in resource management. It aims to dispel the notion that Māori resource management practices have limited applications, instead highlighting their diversity and broad relevance. The essays collectively offer a nuanced view of the myriad ways in which customary principles are integrated into contemporary resource management, emphasising both cultural continuity and adaptability.

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