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Owner occupation, the state and class relations in New Zealand.

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In Wilkes, C. and Shirley, I. (Eds.). In the Public Interest: Health, Work and Housing in New Zealand, Benton Ross, , 213-230

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Thorns offers a critical analysis of the relationship between home ownership, state policy, and class dynamics in New Zealand.

This chapter delves into the historical and contemporary aspects of housing policies, particularly focusing on the role of the state in shaping patterns of owner occupation and its implications for class relations. Thorns examines how state interventions in the housing market, through policies and subsidies, have influenced the landscape of home ownership in New Zealand. He argues that these policies not only shape housing availability and affordability but also play a crucial role in defining class structures and relationships. Thorns provides a historical overview of housing policies, discussing how shifts in government approaches have impacted various social classes, with a particular emphasis on the middle class. The chapter stands out for its sociological perspective on housing, highlighting the interconnections between housing, state policy, and social stratification. Thorns’ analysis offers valuable insights into the ways in which housing policies can reinforce or challenge existing class structures. His work contributes to a deeper understanding of the socio-political dimensions of housing and its significance in the broader context of social policy and class relations in New Zealand.

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