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National Māori Housing Conference 2016. Report on Conference proceedings and outcomes.

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This report details the events, discussions, and outcomes of the biennial National Māori Housing Conference in 2016.

Themed “Ma whero ma pango ka oti ai te mahi” (collaboration and Strategic Relationships), the conference attracted over 300 delegates from across Aotearoa/New Zealand, focusing on the advancement of Māori housing through collaboration and strategic partnerships. The report highlights the conference’s role as a platform for sharing successful case studies of Māori housing initiatives, ideas to improve housing outcomes for Māori, and insights from indigenous peoples from Canada, Hawaii, and Australia on their housing journeys. It underscores the conference’s discussions on implementing “Te Whare Āhuru He Oranga Tāngata” – The Māori Housing Strategy, emphasising the urgency of addressing housing affordability issues in Aotearoa, particularly among Māori due to income disparities and declining home ownership rates. Furthermore, the report articulates the need for more inclusive definitions of homelessness that account for the unique circumstances of the Māori population, addressing landlessness and the cultural and spiritual significance of land to Māori people. A listing of the presentations at the conferences along with bullet points listing the key points from each presentation can be found in the appendices, providing a useful overview.

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