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Meeting the housing needs of vulnerable populations in New Zealand.

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Transforming Cities, University of Auckland, ,

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This report focuses on the housing needs of vulnerable populations in New Zealand, emphasising the significant challenges faced by groups such as the homeless, refugees, victims of family violence, and those with mental health or addiction issues.

The study includes a detailed literature review that offers historical insights into New Zealand’s housing policies and their impact on marginalised communities. It also reports findings from workshops that brought together various stakeholders, including government representatives and non-governmental organisations. The report emphasises the need for innovative housing solutions, improved funding structures, better governance and regulation, collaborative approaches, and supportive services tailored to the unique needs of vulnerable groups. Key recommendations include the implementation of a Housing Warrant of Fitness program to ensure quality standards in rental housing and the development of long-term, sustainable housing strategies. This report is essential for understanding the complex dynamics of housing vulnerability in New Zealand. It provides insights into the historical and policy contexts that have shaped current housing challenges, particularly for marginalised groups. The recommendations offer practical solutions and strategies for policymakers, community organisations, and researchers working towards more inclusive and equitable housing policies in New Zealand. The report’s focus on interdisciplinary approaches and stakeholder collaboration underscores the necessity for comprehensive and coordinated efforts to address housing insecurity among the nation’s most vulnerable populations.

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