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Māori home ownership: The search for equity with particular reference to financing arrangements.

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In Winiata, W., & Luke, D. (Eds.). The survival of the Māori people. Huia., , 441-461

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This chapter presents a critical examination of Māori home ownership issues and proposes strategies for enhancing equity in financing arrangements.

Originating from a submission by the New Zealand Māori Council to the Crown in 1983, it underscores the government’s failure to address the unique housing challenges faced by Māori populations, paralleling efforts to preserve te reo Māori. The report delves into historical injustices, economic disparities, and institutional barriers that have hindered Māori from achieving housing equity, juxtaposing these struggles with broader efforts to protect Māori cultural and linguistic heritage. Authored against the backdrop of a housing crisis acknowledged by the government’s Housing Commission in 1983, the submission not only critiques the lack of targeted research and policy for Māori housing but also connects these issues to broader socio-economic challenges, including unemployment and income disparities. By presenting comprehensive statistical analyses and highlighting the role of various Māori and governmental organisations in advocating for Māori rights, the document serves as a foundational piece in understanding the complexities of Māori home ownership.

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