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Inquiry into sub-standard rural housing in East Cape and Northland.

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House of Representatives, ,

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The Social Services Committee's report on rural housing in the East Cape and Northland regions highlighted critical issues such as severe health problems and overcrowding, primarily due to the high cost of housing and the lack of affordable options.

Factors like geographic isolation, a shortage of skilled tradespeople, infrastructure gaps, and poor quality of existing housing stock were identified are also key contributors to the sub-standard stock in the regions. The report also observed a scarcity of rental options in these rural areas, despite a continuous migration of Māori to these regions. Challenges in securing loans through the Low Deposit Rural Lending (LDRL) Programme were also noted, with a recent decline in successful loan approvals despite ongoing housing needs. The report suggests reinstating the papakāinga scheme, enhancing the uptake of LDRL mortgages, and addressing bureaucratic delays in resource consent processes. Additionally, the report evaluated self-build schemes aimed at reducing housing costs through sweat equity but found limited success, with few houses built, recommending further financial support for non-profit housing organisations.

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