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Housing Policy and Services Kaupapa Inquiry. (Wai 2750, #6.2.2).

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Waitangi Tribunal, ,

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This Waitangi Tribunal discussion paper is part of the Housing Policy and Services Inquiry (Wai 2750).

This inquiry due to the number of claims regarding the Crown’s failure to provide an adequate standard of housing for Māori, or to deliver state services, programmes and support enabling Māori access to adequate housing. The main focus of this discussion paper is on the evidential base for the three themes identified from an examination of just over 100 claims currently seeking to participate in the Housing Policy and Services Kaupapa Inquiry. Based on pre-casebook research, the discussion paper has three main chapters. The first chapter assesses the coverage sources, both historical and contemporary, with respect to claims concerning home ownership for Māori and Crown policy and practice. Claimants allege barriers to Māori home ownership and problems of process and Crown engagement with Māori seeking to build suitable housing on Māori land. The next chapter assesses existing sources relating to the claims on the experience of Māori in the social housing system and the private rental market. It begins with an overview of the historical context for renting in Aotearoa New Zealand and considers the experiences of Māori both as individual renters and as communities. A brief outline of the current sector is then provided. The chapter then moves to an analysis of the coverage of claims by existing sources. The third chapter assesses the extent to which existing research covers claims relating to housing, including papakāinga or whānau housing, on Māori land. The report then recommends a number of other reports are conducted to provide further information for the inquiry including, Historical Māori Housing Report, 1840 – 1970, Māori rental housing: state housing, private rental market social housing and special housing needs, 1970 – present day, Māori home ownership, 1970 – present day, and Housing on Māori Land, circa 1870s to present day.

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