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Government statements on the future of Maori housing.

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Board of Maori Affairs, ,

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Baker compiles and analyses a series of government statements and policies regarding the future of housing for the Māori population in New Zealand.

This work serves as a critical resource for understanding the governmental stance and planned approaches towards addressing the unique housing needs of the Māori community during this period. Baker’s compilation provides a comprehensive overview of official positions and policy proposals, offering insights into the evolving dynamics of Māori housing policy in the mid-1980s. The document includes an analysis of various government statements, which collectively paint a picture of the strategies and commitments made by the government to improve housing conditions and access for the Māori people. This includes discussions on funding allocations, development of culturally appropriate housing solutions, and initiatives aimed at enhancing homeownership among Māori families. A key feature of this work is its examination of the alignment (or lack thereof) between government statements and the actual needs and aspirations of the Māori community. Baker critically assesses the effectiveness, feasibility, and cultural sensitivity of the proposed policies, highlighting both the progress and shortcomings in the government’s approach to Māori housing.

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